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Value-Based Packages

Pest Professionals offer the best pest control services in Perth, WA.  We pride ourselves on our great value and effectiveness. Our team know how busy our clients are, so we focus on delivering value through a professional service that gets results.  Pest Professionals are a team of experts that have years of experience in completing projects in a safe manner.

Single Storey

$ 190
  • 15 Pest Prevention/Elimination
  • Cockroach Gel for Kitchen Areas
  • External Perimeter Spray
  • Garden Shed Spray
  • Granny Flats Are Additional Cost

Double Storey

$ 230
  • 15 Pest Prevention/Elimination
  • Cockroach Gel for Kitchen Areas
  • External Perimeter Spray
  • Outdoor Sheds Spray
  • Granny Flats Are Additional Cost

*** Additional Pricing for Bees, Bull Ants, Wasps, Ticks and Lice.

What Areas Do We Service?

We service almost all areas of the Perth sprawl, not just the Perth metro area.  From Mandurah to Hillarys and also Perth Hills.

Areas we also service are:

Fremantle, Cottesloe, North Beach, Maylands, Como

Joondalup , Hilton, Beaconsfield, Armadale, Midland, All over Perth!

Pest Control Perth: What Our Service Includes

Our experienced and certified technicians know how to get the job done.  Where your pest problem is, we know how to gain access. From internal walls, ceiling/roof cavities, to hard to reach areas on high buildings.  Our team knows the best way to eliminate your pest infestation.

No matter which pest, bug, insect or rodent is giving you grief our team is able to find a solution.  We are locals of Perth and have pretty much seen it all! Different suburbs may experience different pest problems, hence, will require different strategies for control.  

We know the exact steps necessary to get it done in a safe way.  The safety and hygiene of your family is our number one priority.  So we only employ strategies that we deem safe AND then effective. Through our experience, we see a lot of good meaning DIYers and fly-by-night companies who use blanket solutions using toxic chemicals that are simply not effective.  Don’t fall into that trap! Call us to get advice if you think that another company or person is completing an unsafe job, we will give our honest opinion.

You don’t need to suffer through a pest problem, call us today and get it solved.  You don’t know what the long term effects are of certain pests, for example, termites.  Ensure that your family, visitors and buildings stay safe and hygienic. We know the best strategies gained through years of experience for solving your pest issues.

Pest Control Perth Prices

The Pest Professionals have the opinion that preventative measures, rather than over the top toxic sprays, are the best course of action.  Depending on your location in our great city will determine the best package for your situation. For example, north of the river is more prone to certain pests and insects, while south of the river is prey to other types.  Call us so that we can discuss over the phone the best way to solve your issue.

We are looking to be your long-term pest control solution in Perth, so we focus on delivering excellent value to the customer so that in the following years we will enjoy repeat business.  We are lucky that we enjoy a lot of repeat business, and the main reason is that Perth is a small place, word travels fast – and it’s that word that we rely on for our customers passing on our details to friends.

Be wary of companies that are much cheaper than us though, as you may be receiving a service that is sub-par, or worse, downright dangerous!  We aim to deliver value at an affordable price.

Typical Pests That Are Found In Perth

Perth has a dry climate which cultivates a range of pests throughout the year.  The main offenders are:

Rats, Mice, Fleas, Termites, Spiders, Bed Bugs, Bees, Wasps, Cockroaches etc

Perth has long and hot summers and short but wet winters.  This is a great combination for pests. Our technicians will choose the correct preventative measures based on the season and type of rodent and/or insect.

We prevent almost all thinkable types of critters! Our methods of pest controls will ensure that we not only get rid of the issues, but we will also prevent other pests and bugs from taking the original offenders place.

Our strict healthcare guidelines and procedures will guarantee effective solutions that will keep your premises and house safe.

Residential and Commercial Pest Prevention Perth

Pest Professionals is Perth’s one-stop-shop for pest control.  Whether you are looking to protect your home, office, restaurant, food processing, warehouse, factory or hotel – we are your solution.

Discreet Service

If you would like to have a more discreet service of pest control, then we can also offer the service of an unbranded car.  We understand that this could be the perfect solution for many reasons – get in contact and let us know ahead of time.

Termite Treatment in Perth

Sometimes referred to as ‘White Ants”, Termites are a silent house destroyer! It is not common that termites destroy a home completely without the owner first knowing about it.  However, it pays dividends to invest in a trained professional to inspect your building on a regular basis.

To the naked, untrained eye, termites may be able to do significant damage before you know about it.

We are always on the search for the latest and greatest termite fighting solutions for our customers.

Contact us now to find out how we can help.

Perth’s Best Pest Control Business

Our goal is simple, to be Perth’s go-to solution for pest control.  We are passionate about pest control methods and finding the best way to solve our clients’ problems safely.

Pest Professionals is a locally owned, family orientated business who is always looking for opportunities to give back to the local community.  From sponsoring local sporting teams to donating to local charities that we can about – we call Perth our home.

Next time you see an errant spider or suspect a possible bed bug problem we would like you to contact us – because we want to help!

Our booking system takes 60 seconds to fill in, from there we will be in contact with a package that suits your situation and location.