10 Tips For A Naturally Bug-Free Home 2019


It’s so interesting how some people are fascinated by insects.  But for the most part, a large population is repulsed and even afraid of bugs.

Not to get into the role that bugs play in keeping harmony in nature, all we are talking about is keeping bugs outside so that you can keep a clean, safe and hygienic home.  No one wants to discover a spider in their babies crib.

There are many ways that you can keep bugs away from your home.  We will first discuss the natural ways that you can deter them.

1, Citrus

Spiders hate citrus! The best way is to rub entry points (doors, windows etc) with citrus peels.  You can even leave the citrus peels on the window sills as a longer-lasting deterrent. An additional plus side is that the citrus will fill your home with a lovely aroma – win-win!  You may not like the look of citrus peels slowly ageing in your home, so use a high concentrate organic citrus spray.

2, Vinegar

We’ve been using vinegar around the house for years.  Both as a cleaning solution and as a natural bug deterrent.  

In Australia, our houses are under constant attack from ants entering the house.  The best way to keep ants away is to spray the entry areas with high concentrate vinegar/water solution, and they won’t come back.  

Spray down the window sills and other entry points as well to keep away general bugs and small insects.

3, Cedar

This is an old remedy that my grandmother told me about.  Cedar can be used as a natural deterrent for moths in the home.  Are you lucky enough to have a cedar tree in the backyard? Then all you have to do is place a few small bits of cedar around the house and in the backyard and that’s it.  The oil can be used to eliminate bugs from the surrounds.

You can also visit your local hardware store and buy some cedar too.

4, Eucalyptus Oil

It’s an Aussie past time to sit outdoor and enjoy the backyard in summer – and the mosquitoes love it! The best way to keep those little critters away is to rub it on your skin or have a eucalyptus candle burning nearby.

Studies have shown this to be better than most bug sprays on the market too!

5, Garlic

Keep away friends and insects alike with garlic breath! If you eat a lot of garlic, there is a good chance that bugs will avoid you as they can pick up on the body odour of your skin!

If you don’t have a garlic rich diet then you can sprinkle garlic powder around the backyard in trouble areas.

6, Egg Shells

We planted some lovely passionfruit earlier this year, and to our dismay, it was attacked by snails.  Never fear, our local green thumb suggested that we sprinkle eggshells around our plants so that the slugs and snails can’t slide over – genius!

7, Coffee Grinds (used)

Following on from the same point above, great use for your old coffee grinds is to sprinkle them around plants that are being eaten by snails.  The snails don’t like the caffeine and avoid it at all costs, easy!

You can also put some grinds on window sills to keep bugs out of the home too.

8, Beer

Do you have a cockroach problem? The best way to eliminate your roach problem is to do the following:

1, Collect some beer into a 9-inch deep container.

2, Put your unwanted beer in the container, you won’t need much, a few mm’s at the bottom.

3, Place the container where you have the worst of the cockroach infestation

The cockroaches find the smell of the beer highly attractive and end up climbing into the container and then can’t get out.

You can then relocate them to a place away from the house in the bush.

9, Rubbish/Waste Management

Ensure that you only have a small rubbish bin in the kitchen so that you and your family are not tempted to keep a large and stinky bin inside your home.  Empty at least every day.

Additional points if you wash out cans and packaging before you throw them in the rubbish.

Don’t leave your kitchen compost waste in an open container on your kitchen bench for long.  This will breed insects as it is a food source.

10, Remove Stagnant Water

It may be tempting to keep a pond or other standing water feature in the backyard, but these are a favourite breeding and living place for a range of insects.  Also in this category are wheelbarrows and anything else that can catch water, so regular garden clean-ups are the best strategy.

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