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Photo of Ant

Ants can be very invasive and difficult to remove.  Some of them can deliver a sting that would bring tears to a grown man’s eyes, such as the Bull Ant.

Ants can cause the spread of disease, so keep your families and customers safe with adequate ant preventative measures.

Our tried and tested ant control methods are proven in the Perth area.  Our technicians have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience to eliminate ant infestations in virtually all suburbs of Perth.  We have the tools and methods that are leading the industry.

We will be able to ascertain the location of the nest and eliminate them from the vicinity.  Then, we will follow the trail to find where the ants are or may enter your building. We can use safe methods to prevent the ants from returning too – ask us how!

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Why Ants Enter Homes and Buildings

There are two main reasons that ants create nests in homes.  First is to seek refuge from the elements, the second is to source food.


Buildings are the perfect breeding ground for ants as many of their predators cannot enter.  This is the perfect storm for ant reproducing. Quite quickly you will notice the ant population growing and soon out of control.

Bull Ant

Ways to Prevent Ants in Your Home

1, Seal off possible forms of entry.  These can consist of the smallest holes and cracks in building walls.  Use appropriate silicon to seal.

2, Remove foods that ants find attractive, anything sweet such as honey or sugar.  Ants are even attracted to pet food.

3, Ensure that all food is stored in appropriate airtight containers.

4, Call Pest Professionals to regularly inspect your premises – some ant infestations may not be obvious at the start.

Signs That You Have An Ant Problem

1, Obvious – you will see tracks of ants around or in your home.

2, Not so obvious – you will see dirt deposited on footpaths or inside your home, that has been transported and left by ants.

3, Look out for holes with ants around the hole.  Nests will have a small hole facing out to fresh air.  These nests can have large and very intricate tunnels.

4, You will be able to smell their distinct scent.

Bull Ant in Perth