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Cockroach Pest Control Perth

The Pest Professionals know the exact steps necessary to eliminate and prevent cockroaches in your home or premise.  Perth has a unique climate and cockroaches have adapted extremely well to the surroundings.

Our techniques have been honed over years of success, and have been proven to be effective.  Our mission is to prevent the reoccurrence of cockroaches and to complete the job safely.

Our technicians are able to find the source of the nest, so we cut off the supply at the source.  We can then advise and solve the issue of how they entered and got there in the first place. Ongoing inspections can be arranged so that you can be assured that the problem will not resurface.

Contact us today for a free consult to find the best way that we can help you.

What Are Cockroaches?

Cockroaches can grow up to 1.5 inches long and are thought to be able to withstand atomic fallout!  They are voracious breeders and multiply fast. Unfortunately, they carry with them a multitude of disease as one of the aspects of their diet is faeces – pretty gross!

They love to live in moist places of most temperatures.  However, they can also thrive in dry places if they have access to water.

Cockroaches are normally a more active creature at night when they come out to breed, feed and forage.

Generally, there is limited contact between humans and cockroaches.  There is a rule of thumb with cockroaches, that is, if you do see cockroaches around your home or premises there is a good chance that the population is quite large.

Best Strategies For Cockroach Control in Perth


1, Ensure that entry points such as cracks in walls, and voids under doors are blocked off.

2, Keep garbage away from premises, they love to breed next to a food source.

3, Store food in airtight containers.

4, Keep high standards of hygiene in premises.

5, Remove potential sources of water to reduce the amount of drinkable water for the cockroaches.

6, Keep wet timber and/or firewood away from the premises, as cockroaches love to find refuge with all the hiding holes found in these stacks.

How To Tell If You Have A Cockroach Infestation?

1, Dead cockroaches around in the morning or found under furniture.

2, Fecal droppings.

3, Egg casings – these hold multiple eggs inside.

4, A distinct and sharp odour.

5, Actual cockroaches scurrying during the day.

Perth Cockroach Control