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Flea Problem Perth

Flea Control Perth

A flea problem can be quite overwhelming.  Your home is your sanctuary, and if there are critters making you itchy, it can be difficult to relax in your house. 

Fleas can live for approximately 25 days. They can also lay upwards of over 50 eggs a day. Thus, increasing a flea problem quickly, and leading it to get out of control.

Fleas can also spread disease to pets and humans as well. So it is imperative that if you discover fleas to immediately get the situation taken care of. 

Interested in additional information about diseases that can be spread by fleas.  This site will break down the information for you. 

This is an additional resource for you in regards to fleas and the diseases that they can spread. 

If you find fleas, it may be a good idea to begin searching for a Perth Flea Control company, such as Pest Professionals, that can help you.

If you have pets, it is a good idea to speak with your veterinarian about having your pets treated at the same time you have your home treated.

Why Fleas Enter Homes And Buildings

Fleas do not enter a home on their own. If you do not own pets, there are other ways that fleas can enter a home.  Such ways could be, a rat/mice infestation or a neighbours pet may be visiting your home without your knowledge.

Many homes have different sources of ventilation and small holes around homes or buildings.   Small animals will find their way in to build nests. These small animals do have fleas. 

Pest Professionals will be able to determine the source of the infestation by completing a full property inspection.  We will be able to advise on the best solution so that the problem does not reoccur.

Ways To Prevent Fleas In Your Home

Regular Inspection: When taking preventative measures for flea control Perth, it is always a good idea to check your property first. 

Garden: Fleas like to hide in the grass and certain plants around the property. They sometimes get on to clothing and can enter into your home in this way. 

Expert Advice: Pest Professionals are able to give solutions to fleas in the garden also, get in contact to find out how.

Regular flea treatments:  To continue prevention, if you have pets, make sure that you have them on a good flea control medication. Check with your veterinarian. 

Hygiene:  Keeping your home clean is a good way to help prevent fleas from wanting to enter your home.

Signs That You Have A Flea Problem


Visual:  One way, simply spotting a small insect that is getting around making little hops/jumps.  As leas will bite humans, you could be the food source.

Pet Check: Inspect your pet’s fur. Begin moving their fur around, you will be able to see the fleas moving around. 

House Inspection:  If you don’t own pets, then its time to crawl around your home to check for openings where small animals may have gotten inside.


Flea Problem Perth