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Mouse Control Perth

Mouse Control Perth

Mice, similar to rats, are prone to carrying disease and damaging property.  They can produce a sharp odour, and chew wiring. Worst is, the presence of mice is obvious to your visitors – there is no need to suffer through it.  Contact Pest Professionals to find out how we can help you control mice in your premise!

Where Can Mice Be Found?

Generally, if your premises has poor hygiene in the form of food scraps, this could be a major reason for the presence of mice. Another big cause of mouse infestation is unwittingly providing a place for mice to nest, all this can take is a cool and dry corner.  This is especially true in the cooler winter months as they move inside to seek refuge.

Signs of Mice Infestation

Mice are frequent urinators, so you will see tracks of urine along with a pungent smell.

Footprints are another giveaway.  As mice walk through dusty areas they will leave paw prints in the dust.

Ripped food packages are an obvious sign.

Scurrying and scratching in ceiling and wall cavities.

Chewed wiring and structure.  Mice love to chew and create damage and destruction.  Little pieces gnawed out of timber, plastic and wiring are signs of mice.

Droppings around the premise or house.

Mice Control Strategies

Mice can enter premises easier than rats, due to their size and nimble abilities!  Pest Professionals are well versed and experienced in the best mice control strategies for Perth.  

First and foremost, the best form of mice eradication is in the form of prevention.  Our technicians will complete a property inspection to determine where the mice are entering, and then form the best strategy for blocking off those entry points.  

Secondly, we will introduce traps.  There are many varieties of traps available, and some are more humane than others.  We prefer to use live traps so that we can relocate the mice back to the bush where they belong.  This has been a very popular technique for our clients in the past years.

Our techniques are tried and tested in the Perth area.  We have the best methods of mice control the industry can offer, get in contact to find out how we can help you.

Top Tips For Mice Prevention in Perth

1, Remove all forms of food sources for mice, such as uncovered food (even uneaten dog food) that can attract them.

2, Store food in containers.

3, Store garbage away from the premises.

4, Maintain strict hygiene standards.

5, Best – Contact Pest Professionals for assistance!

Mouse Control Perth