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Removal of Possums Perth

Possum Removal Perth

Ah the lovable and cute possum, wait, no they are not lovable! Have you ever tried to sleep with one in the ceiling cavity? Well, they are not as quiet as you think when they travel up and down your home.  Your home is the perfect nesting area for a possum as they love dry and warm areas.

Expert Possum Removal Perth

Pest Professionals offers the full removal and prevention service for possums.  We can set traps to safely contain the possums and then relocate the cute offenders!

Our techniques are tried and tested in the Perth area, so rest assured you are receiving industry-leading service.

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Possums Are a Pest

Possums have adapted to suburban life extraordinarily well. They can terrorise your garden too by stealing fruit and vegetables.  Not to mention they will taunt (and have known to attack) your dog.

Being a nocturnal animal, you will only hear your possum in the middle of the night as it awakes and gets to work in the search for food.

Furthermore to your fruit and vegetables from your garden, possums diets are made up of insects, reptiles and birds.

They are excellent climbers and can enter most homes effortlessly.  So it is essential to block off entry points.

Possum Control Strategies

1, Well lit areas are avoided by possums, so it is a good idea to have sensor lights installed at your premises.

2, Don’t leave food lying around, this can attract possums.  Always protect open food sources such as fruit and vegetables growing in the backyard.  The best idea is to install netted fencing around gardens.

3, Keep branches that are close to the house trimmed and away from the roof.  This is the perfect entryway for possums.

4, Block gaps in the roof and other cavity entries.