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Rat Pest Control Perth

Rat Control Perth

The dangerous aspect of rats are not the rats themselves, but the diseases that they bring with them.  Remember the plague that killed off 30-60% of Europe’s population? That was carried by rats.

Not only are they proven to carry disease, but rats can also do significant building damage by forming nests in certain places and by chewing wiring.  

Keeping rats out of your home and premises is a massive priority.  

The techniques and strategies that Pest Professionals use to eliminate and prevent rats are tried and tested.  Keeping rats where they belong (in the bush) is two parts science and three parts skill.  

Our methods are safe and effective that is carried out by technicians who have been in the business of rat control in Perth for years.  First, we identify where the infestation is, and then devise the best course of action to remove the rats from the area. After, we ensure that rats are prevented and controlled by smart bait systems.  Keeping your premises safe.

What Are the Signs of Rat Infestation?

Rats are smart, once they have taken up residence in a location they quickly breed and multiply.  Most of the time they will stay out of sight but you may hear some scurrying and scratch sounds in ceiling and wall cavities.  Another sure sign is sighting rat droppings. Often times, they will be accompanied by a sharp odour that is hard to ignore.

Other signs of rat problems are chewed plastic bags, chewed wiring, chewed timber/plastic.

Two Main Strategies for Rat Contol in Perth


Pest Professionals follow two main strategies in the control of rats.

First is chemical, this is when there is an obvious rat problem.  We will set baited traps that have been proven to entice rats.

The second is prevention, our technicians will inspect the property to find where the rats are entering the building and, where possible, close off those entries.  We recommend regular inspections to ensure that the rats have not found or created other forms of entry.

Our technicians along, with the property inspection, will identify anything that may be attracting the rats in the first place.  Things could include, open food sources, stagnant water or objects that rats nest in.