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Have a pest problem in your home or premises?

You need a team that you can trust, a company that can prevent and eliminate the issue permanently.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to deliver results without impacting on the environment or your business.  We strive to deliver high standards of workmanship and professionalism. This has been the driving force behind the success we have achieved.

Our methods of pest control are customised to Perth conditions.  Our dry and arid environment is the perfect breeding ground for pests, and hence, when there is a pest infestation they are particularly difficult to remove.  Our team has local knowledge of each postcode, along with the methods that are proven effective. So along with our professional service, we are able to offer detailed advice on ongoing pest prevention for numerous pests.

Safety is our driving priority.  Delivering a safe solution for home/building owners is more important than ever.  New methods are introduced all the time in the industry. Our team is able to draw on years of experience and determine if these new methods are safe to the community.  Employing a method that is unsafe is out of the question for Pest Professionals. Our business is part of the community, and it’s the community that we wish to protect.

A big part of safety is the hygiene of our client’s homes and premises.  Pests carry disease. Our technicians realise that the methods have to be fast-acting in order to eliminate the pests.  So, working within tight guidelines, our team is able to initiate a strategy that quickly reduces risk to your family and the public.